reNEW ARTxSCIENCE competition gallery:
Discover how stem cell research can transform lives in this stunning fusion of art and science

To celebrate Stem Cell Awareness Day 2023, we’re holding a competition to raise awareness about the potential of stem cell medicine to transform the lives of people with currently incurable diseases.

The public has voted, and our 12 finalists have now been chosen. Our esteemed international jury will now select the winner who will be revealed on Global Stem Cell Awareness Day. Have a look at the amazing fusion of art and science who made it to the finals.

Filtration Fascination

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The glomerulus: a kidney tree of life.

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Apical-out urothelial spheroids from bladder stem cells

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The grass is always greener on the other side but is it pink?

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3D landscape of a skin organoid infected with monkeypox virus

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Microscopic love story: skin organoid art

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3D cancer-brain organoid model

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Finding treatments to enhance heart regeneration

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Birth of new brain cells in a stem cell organoid model

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Bridge to the Mind: 3D blood vessel – brain cell Interface

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Life in the Making: Decoding Infertility with Blastoids

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Revealing Insights of the Mouse Brain: Transforming Spatial Transcriptomics with VR-Omics Software

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“To convey the incredible potential of stem cell research we’ve combined art and science to help raise awareness of how stem cell research can transform the lives of people”

– Melissa H. Little, CEO of reNEW

Learn more about the scientific discoveries shaping the future of healthcare

Every stem cell image in the competition showcases the work of dedicated scientists in the reNEW laboratories. Each image is accompanied by a simple description of what you’re looking at, how the research behind the stem cell image addresses a medical need, and its potential to make an impact and lead to the development of new therapies that have the potential to transform the lives of people with incurable diseases.

View the reNEW ARTxSCIENCE gallery to find out how stem cell research can help improve life for people living with currently incurable chronic diseases or genetically inherited conditions.

ARTxSCIENCE competition

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Who will win?

The final winner will be chosen by a distinguished jury, and the winner will be announced on Stem Cell Awareness Day on October 11th. Meet the jury further down on the page.

The winner will be selected for their contribution to stem cell research and their ability to convey complex information and help raise awareness on the importance of stem cell research.

Stay tuned to see if your favorite takes the prize.

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Jury members

Bern Hall – Science Gallery Melbourne
Bern is Assistant Curator at the Science Gallery Melbourne. Her impressive background spans neuroscience, physiology, visual art, and graphic design and she’s passionate about improving accessibility and engagement in science through design. A self-described visual nerd, Bern likes to dive into the details, and is constantly inspired by the amazing people she meets through her work at the Science Gallery.

Professor Birgitte Holst – Novo Nordisk Foundation
Professor in Metabolic and Molecular Pharmacology, Founder and Head of Rodent Metabolic Phenotyping Center, Group leader of the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research and currently the Scientific Director for Biomedicine in the Novo Nordisk Foundation with responsibility for reNEW.

Professor Insoo Huyn, Museum of Science Boston
Insoo is based at Harvard Medical school, where he’s the Director of Research Ethics, a faculty member of the Center for Bioethics, and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine. He’s also the inaugural Director of the Center for Life Sciences and Public Learning at the Museum of Science, Boston. Since 2005, Insoo has been heavily involved in the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) where he helped draft its international research guidelines and is the current Chair of the ISSCR Ethics Committee.

Christel Schollaardt – Museum Boerhaave
Christel is the Collections and Science Manager at Museum Boerhaave, the national museum of the history of science and medicine in Leiden. She has a wealth of experience managing extensive museum collections in the Netherlands, including the outstanding collection at the Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden.