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Our vision is to transform people’s lives through stem cell medicine. Come and join us!

reNEW is a unique global research center in stem cell medicine. reNEW not only provides scientists with the best possible conditions for conducting cutting-edge stem cell research, but also translates research findings into new therapies for life-threatening diseases. In this context, reNEW plays an active role in the training of undergraduates, PhD students and postdoctoral fellows.

reNEW operates in three locations in both Europe and Australia. In Europe, we are based at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark and the Leiden University Medical Centre, the Netherlands, in Australia, at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne.

Our stem-cell based research spans all parts of the human body, covering the bladder, blood and immune system, brain, ear, fertility issues, heart, intestine, kidney, liver, lung, skeletal muscles, pancreas, and the skin.

We are committed to recruiting the world’s most talented researchers, postdoctoral fellows, PhD and master’s students, as well as administrative staff and facility managers to join us on our journey to transform people’s lives through stem cell-based therapies. We not only provide the essential tools that enable our employees to thrive in our research center. You will also have the opportunity to work with world-leading experts in stem cell research from around the world. Come and join us!

Open positions at reNEW

Melissa Little
Professor and CEO

reNEW – a unique global research centre in stem cell medicine

reNEW is an international consortium of three leading research institutions in Denmark, Australia and the Netherlands, led by renowned Professor and CEO Melissa Little. We strive to advance a new generation of effective and safe stem cell-based therapies, built on a global collaborative network of excellence in targeted biomedical research.