Global challenges drive reNEW’s mission and vision

We live in a time in history when more people than ever share our planet. At the same time, healthcare and medical treatments have become more readily accessible, leading to an increase in life expectancy worldwide.

A growing global population combined with a longer life expectancy is resulting in increasing chronic disease, making us live longer, but not necessarily better. At the same time, there are still serious and untreatable genetic conditions that, while individually rare, collectively affect many people. These realities drive the need for new medical solutions. This is where stem cell medicine represents a huge opportunity and where reNEW comes into the picture.

We are a unique global collaboration focusing on stem cell research involving three leading research institutions: the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, the Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands, and the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Australia.

Our Vision: to create a new generation of effective, safe, and socially sustainable stem cell-based therapies built on an international collaborative network of excellence in targeted biomedical research.

Our Mission: to develop an international targeted research center delivering innovative stem cell-driven therapies to transform the lives of people suffering from incurable disease.

reNEW, a global collaboration involving three leading research institutions

We are a unique research consortium based on a partnership between three leading research institutions – the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, the Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands, and the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Australia.

Our distinctive collaboration is built around a Copenhagen-based hub that supports the coordination, collaboration, and integration of research between the three partner institutions. Each of them provides research excellence and research opportunities as well as experience to advance and deliver new stem cell medicine.

Each partner drives research forward to achieve our mission.

reNEW Copenhagen

The University of Copenhagen (UCPH) is an international research university with a strong history of high-quality research in stem cell biology.

reNEW Leiden

The Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) in the Netherlands is a European leader in medical innovation and a long-time frontrunner in developing innovations in healthcare. LUMC has a strong focus on stem cell biology.

reNEW Melbourne

The Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) in Australia is among the world’s top children’s research institutions. With a focus on pluripotent stem cells, this theme drives stem cell biology toward medical outcomes for patients.

Meet reNEW’s leaders

Professor and CEO of reNEW, Dr. Melissa Little.

Professor Melissa H. Little, CEO of reNEW is an internationally recognised leader in kidney research and a pioneer in applying stem cell approaches to model and treat kidney disease.

“I am very excited about the amazing opportunity that reNEW represents. Building on the stem cell research excellence that exists within all partners, the Center aims to deliver outcomes across the breadth of stem cell medicine – new drugs based on human stem cell models, cell and tissue therapies, and new cell and gene therapies.”

Professor and CEO of reNEW, Melissa H. Little

Professor Kim Bak Jensen headshot

Professor Kim Bak Jensen, node director at reNEW Copenhagen is an internationally recognised epithelial stem cell researcher with a focus on the skin and the intestines. His research seeks to apply stem cell organoids to disease modelling and therapy.

Professor Ton Rabelink headshot

Professor Ton Rabelink, node director at reNEW Leiden is a leading nephrologist who is also internationally recognised for his expertise in blood vessels biology, as well as active research focused on stem cell therapies for kidney failure.

Professor Enzo Porrello Headshot

Professor Enzo Porrello, node director at reNEW Melbourne is an expert in heart development and regeneration and a pioneer in therapies for adults and children with heart failure.

A closer look at reNEW’s central organisation

The core of our tripartite partnership is a Copenhagen-based hub responsible for the overall administration, coordination, and collaboration of the three participating research partners. Our unique structure is headed by our CEO, Professor Melissa H. Little, who is advised and supported by a Governance Committee and an independent, international Scientific Advisory Committee.

Administrative staff at the hub and locally at each partner institute support the day-to-day operations of reNEW. They help coordinate and support non-scientific activities such as education, communication, engagement, and outreach.

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee is a representative committee including all three participating research partners and the Novo Nordisk Foundation. This committee is the ultimate decision-making body that endorses the recommendations stemming from the CEO and the Scientific Leadership Committee.

Scientific Leadership Committee

The Scientific Leadership Committee (SLC) is chaired by reNEW’s CEO and includes representatives from each of our three nodes, the four theme leads and an early career representative.

The key role of the SLC is to set reNEW’s strategic objectives. The committee not only guides our thematic research focus, training efforts, engagement with stakeholders and communication, it also directs the translational and clinical efforts of our collaboration.

Close-up of a gloved hand holding a vial with coloured liquid

Scientific Advisory Committee

The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) is a skills-based independent international committee comprising scientists and clinicians with expertise in all aspects of stem cell medicine, including commercial development, clinical translation, ethics, and policy. The SAC advises the CEO on progress toward achieving our goals, enabling reNEW to be at the forefront of stem cell medicine globally.

Paving the way for future stem cell-based treatments

Funding for reNEW was provided by the Novo Nordisk Foundation, an international philanthropic foundation based in Denmark. The 300 million euro grant runs over a 10-year period from 2022.

A dropper placing liquid in one of many petri dishes

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