The blueprint for how we transform stem cell medicine

We aim to translate research into new stem cell-derived products to improve both the health and lives of people throughout the world. reNEW not only  promotes stem cell-based research. We also strengthen the pathways from scientific discovery to targeted results and commercialization. We aim at making a significant contribution to stem cell medicine in the form of new medical technologies or treatments options.

To achieve this goal, we have organised reNEW’s research into five research themes: EXPLORE, reSOLVE, reBUILD, reWRITE, and PREPARE.

Meet our five research themes

How the pillars work

Our research pillars are not meant to stand alone. Each pillar supports another in a continuous circle.

All fundamental research gathered in initial explorations in EXPLORE is passed on to the research teams of the other pillars, reSOLVE, reBUILD, and reWRITE. PREPARE will be embedded in the entire program, supporting the path to translation toward commercialization.

Graphic of how research leads to outcomes

Our vision is to transform lives through stem cell medicine. Our research themes helps us deliver on this vision.

Meet our researchers

All reNEW researchers are leaders within their field, with a strong track record of scientific excellence.

Their pioneering work in stem cell medicine spans different types of stem cells, organs of interest, disease conditions, technologies, and stages of product development.

Their combined knowledge, skill sets, and clinical experience pushes stem cell research further than ever before. Together, our researchers work to turn their research into real therapies that improve the health of people around the world.