Navigating the Mosaic of Challenges Ahead

The Stem Cell Based Drug Discovery Facility (DDF) run by Dr Alejandro Hidalgo Gonzalez aims to identify new drug candidates for the treatment of inherited diseases using human cells and tissues. We work with researchers to plan, optimise and perform image based high-throughput drug screening campaigns.

Body area Brain, Heart, Kidney


By exploring novel compounds and their effects on a cellular level, we contribute significantly to advancing scientific knowledge to not only unveil new therapeutic avenues, but also enhance our understanding of fundamental biological processes. Hence, beyond the realm of pure scientific discovery, our efforts hold a translational significance. We identify potential drug candidates that have the power to revolutionise treatments for various diseases, offering renewed hope to patients around the globe.

reNEW research

The projects shown range from ‘pilot’ screens (optimising the conditions for the primary screen) through to primary screens (the large high-throughput screens with >5000 compounds).

Image description

Using the reNEW logo we have generated a mosaic showing the array of challenging diseases that reNEWs Drug Discovery Facility work on. It is made from 125 images captured (or data generated) on the Yokogawa CV8000. Each image is rotated, shrunk or the colours altered slightly, to create 1,000s of image variations.


The images and data come from projects with the following collaborators: Dr Aude Dorrison, Rachel Lam, Dr Maria Giovanna Garone, Anna Leichter, Dr Nicole Van Bergen, Dr Simran Kaur, Tim Sikora and Jessica Durrant-Whyte.
The mosaic image was generated using AndreaMosaic by Dr Henry Beetham.