Building mini-kidneys in a dish to test drugs

No treatment other than dialysis and transplantation currently exists for children with inherited kidney disease. Knowledge on the genetic causes of renal disease has increased but this has not resulted in any new treatment.

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We are using stem-cell derived mini-kidneys developed following various protocols to test thousands of compounds with the goal of identifying new treatments for inherited kidney disease.

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We have published our most recent findings on mechanism of inherited kidney disease following a mutation in a particular gene. We have also developed multiple protocols to generate different forms of mini-kidneys in a dish to allow the screening of thousands of compounds. We are now combining this knowledge and techniques to prepare for automated screens.

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Stem cell derived mini-kidney


Irene Ghobrial (Differentiation) and Dr Aude Dorison (Staining and Imaging), Prof Melissa Littleā€™s lab, MCRI