reNEW Leiden takes on scientific journey during Expeditie NEXT

The city center of Zutphen turned into a large open-air science festival during Expeditie NEXT on May 1st. reNEW scientists from Leiden took curious kids and their parents on a scientific journey through regenerative and stem cell research during the event.

Expedition NEXT is a large annual science festival, where researchers introduce children and their parents to research in an accessible way. Thousands of children went on an expedition this year and were introduced to 6 research areas: culture, nature, safety, space, technology and health.

Thanks to researchers from reNEW Leiden and other academic centers in the Netherlands, the children learned all about regenerative medicine:

They went on a Regeneration Journey, where they learned all about chronic diseases, treatment options and how stem cell research can contribute to new therapies for these patients in the future.

Through the Stem Cell Game, the children learned more about stem cells and the special properties they have. In teams, they made as many cell types from stem cells as possible in 2.5 minutes. Thanks to this effort, we were able to make various brains, intestines, lungs, hearts, kidneys and brains from stem cells yesterday.

We had a lot of fun! Thanks a lot to all involved, it was great to see how you sparked enthusiasm and curiosity!

3.5M euros for research into embryonic implantation

How does the embryo implant into the uterus? 11 researchers, including reNEW Leiden PI Susana Chuva de Sousa Lopes, receive a MSCA Doctoral Networks Grant worth 3.5M euros to investigate this understudied and poorly understood process.