Professor Megan Munsie work recognised by Research Australia

Professor Megan Munsie

Professor Megan Munsie has been acknowledged for her significant contribution to Australia’s health and medical research landscape by Research Australia, Research Australia’s goal is to unlock the full potential of Australia’s world leading health and medical research sector to deliver the best health outcomes, and global leadership in health innovation.

At the Research Australia awards ceremony, Professor Munsie was recognised as a Highly Commended finalist for the Research Australia 2023 Advocacy Award.

Professor Munsie leads one of the four research themes in reNEW – the transglobal Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Stem Cell Medicine – that focuses on interdisciplinary research across bioethics, sociology, anthropology, science communication and health economics. By working together to understand the broader implications of stem cell medicine, their research can help pave the way for delivery of socially robust stem cell-based therapies to the people who need them.

Professor Munsie is also the group leader of Stem Cell Ethics & Policy at Murdoch Children’s, and Professor of Emerging Technology (Stem Cells) at University of Melbourne.

Professor Megan Munsie has been a tireless advocate for stem cell science for over 20 years and is internationally recognised for her unique contribution to public advocacy in regenerative medicine. She was nominated for this award by Professor Melissa Little AC from MCRI and Mr Andrew Giles from MS Australia and the Neurological Alliance Australia.

“I am honoured that my work has been recognised by people and an organisation that I hold in such high regard,” said Professor Munsie.

With colleagues in Australia and overseas, Professor Munsie has been involved in the development of educational resources for patients and health professionals, to better understand stem cell research, as well as international guidelines to set the standard for responsible research practice.

Professor Munsie has also ensured that reflection of the ethical, legal and societal implications of stem cell research are embedded in the practice of Australian researchers. In addition, through sharing the findings from her interdisciplinary research, she has ensured that the perspectives of those who one day hope to benefit from stem cell research sit at the heart of the Australian scientific community.

“I think it’s crucial that scientists lead conversations about both the promise and the challenges in advancing medical research. But that this needs to be done in partnership with the incredible charities and community groups that provide support to so many. We must never lose sight of the hopes that people invest in the work we do.”

The Research Australia Awards recognise of the outstanding efforts and achievements of individuals and teams who drive and support the opportunities that health and medical innovation bring to our lives.  This year’s Award night celebrates 20 years of Australian Health and Medical Research Awards.

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