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Klaus Hoeyer

Professor Klaus Hoeyer works with the social, ethical, and legal aspects of new medical technologies. His goal is to facilitate socially robust healthcare options meeting the expectations of future patients and being politically, economically, and legally viable.

Professor Klaus Hoeyer
Klaus Hoeyer
Location: UCPH, Denmark
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Professor Klaus Hoeyer explores the social, ethical, and legal aspects of new medical technologies. He pioneered the field of social studies of biobanking, studying what is at stake for citizens who donate human biological material for research. He has explored a number of issues related to governance of research and clinical practices, including ethics as a form of regulation and the political and economic conditions for research. In relation to reNEW, Professor Hoeyer also focuses on patient experiences with data-intensive forms of research and healthcare.

Professor Hoeyer is a principal investigator for the PREPARE theme at reNEW’s Copenhagen node. He is professor at the Centre of Medical Science and Technology Studies at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, and the main supervisor of PhD student Anders Grundtvig.

Professor Hoeyer has received several awards, including the Elite Research award of 1.2 million Danish kroner from the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science. He frequently holds talks around the world and is a reviewer for more than 50 journals and international book publishers.


reNEW researchers have a strong track record of scientific excellence in stem cell biology

They have performed pioneering work in stem cell research spanning different tissue and cell types, different technological advances and different stages of applied research. This provides an unprecedented international opportunity to utilise the combined wealth of knowledge, complementary skills sets and clinical experience across reNEW to push stem cell discoveries toward translational outcomes.