Principal Investigator

Professor, Node Director

Kim B. Jensen

Professor Kim B. Jensen's goal is to understand how stem cells present in our adult organs are controlled and use this knowledge to restore normal organ functions in the case of disease.

Professor Kim. B Jensen, Denmark Deputy Node Director
Professor, Node Director
Kim B. Jensen
Location: UCPH, Denmark

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Professor Kim B. Jensen is an expert in adult stem cell biology and his team has provided key insight into how the skin and intestine forms during development, how the organs are naturally replenished in adulthood, and what happens in the case of disease. He uses this knowledge to model disease and screen drugs. Professor Jensen and his team aim to develop new therapies that will help restore organ function in patients suffering from inflammation and ulcers in the large intestine.

Professor Jensen is node director for reNEW’s Copenhagen node as well as principal investigator for an excellent team of researchers in Copenhagen. In his role as deputy director, he oversees and coordinates the numerous research activities within the Copenhagen node.

Professor Jensen is renowned for his contributions to the field of adult stem cell biology and has received several awards including the European Society for Dermatology Gold award and an ERC consolidator award. He is also an elected EMBO member. He holds a PhD in science from the Department for Molecular and Structural Biology at the University of Aarhus, Denmark.


reNEW researchers have a strong track record of scientific excellence in stem cell biology

They have performed pioneering work in stem cell research spanning different tissue and cell types, different technological advances and different stages of applied research. This provides an unprecedented international opportunity to utilise the combined wealth of knowledge, complementary skills sets and clinical experience across reNEW to push stem cell discoveries toward translational outcomes.