Cellular Symphony: Colours in a dish

Episodes of incapacitating pain, bleeding, weight loss, and occasional hospitalization demanding surgery – this is the reality for approximately three million Europeans grappling with inflammatory bowel disease. Typically, treatments incorporate immunosuppressants like steroid drugs. However, even well-managed cases experience intermittent flare-ups, and identifying the underlying causes has remained a challenge. Thus, we are in grave need for new therapies.

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We are developing stem cell-based therapies that will help restore organ function in patients suffering from inflammatory bowel diseases.

reNEW research

reNEW Copenhagen group leader Prof. Kim Jensen and his team, including Dr. Martti Maimets, are investigating the natural replenishment of the intestine, as well as its response to disease. We leverage stem cell cultures for disease modelling and drug screening.

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An intestinal organoid grown in the lab from a single stem cell.


Martti Maimets, Jensen lab, reNEW Copenhagen