Bubbling Blood

This research aims an assay to predict the success of in vitro-generated human haematopoietic stem cells from pluritpotent stem cells (termed iHCS). Current ‘best practice’ for functional HSC outcomes, requires mouse transplantation which can take up to 20 weeks to obtain a result. By developing predictive assays, we want to streamline HSC quality assessment.

Body area Blood and immune system


By crafting predictive assays, we’re revolutionising HSC quality assessment. This innovation promises faster translation of personalised cellular treatments by bypassing the time-consuming mouse-based assays.

reNEW research

We have successfully produced and cryopreserved iHSCs from different cell lines.We have set up the predictive assay for coloured and uncoloured cells. We can now start the high content screen of the different iHSCs. We will soon be able to correlate data from mice with the prodictve assay.

Image description

This image shows a blood colony which was generated from a single induced haematopoietic stem cell.


Dr Léa Flippe, Blood Development Group, Elizabeth Ng team, MCRI, reNEW Melbourne