Muscle Milkyway

The purpose of this research is to generate functionally mature skeletal muscle organoids.

Body area Skeletal Muscle


Skeletal muscle diseases and dysfunction are notoriously difficult to treat. This research aims to generate functionally mature skeletal muscle organoids that can be used for screening purposes. Large scale generation of these organoids will enable us to perform drug screens, assess the involvement of specific genes in muscle function and disease, and also model dysfunction in vitro using different stress inducing factors. We hope to translate these outcomes into human patients by repurposing approved drugs, and discovering novel compounds to alleviate muscle dysfunction.

reNEW research

Currentlty 6 months into this research project with a major focus on refining and developing techniques to produce the best organoids that we can.

Image description

This is a skeletal muscle organoid that has been grown on a dyno insert. Myoblasts are seeded in a matrix suspension and fibres form around the poles during a 7 day differentiation process. Here in magenta, we can see the skeletal muscle fibres (titin) around the periphery with nuclei (Hoechst) speckled throughout in cyan.


Dr Tabitha Cree, Muscle bioengineering Lab, reNEW Melbourne