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Melissa Little
Professor and CEO

reNEW – a unique global research center in stem cell medicine

reNEW is an international consortium of three leading research institutions in Denmark, Australia and the Netherlands, led by renowned Professor and CEO Melissa Little. We strive to advance a new generation of effective and safe stem cell-based therapies, built on a global collaborative network of excellence in targeted biomedical research.

Our mission is to develop an international targeted research center to deliver innovative stem cell driven therapies to transform the lives of people with incurable disease

Translating research into new stem cell medicine

The aim of the center is to strengthen the pathway from stem cell discovery research to clinical outcomes. We will apply our understanding of stem cells to improve drug development and deliver novel cell and tissue therapies.

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Leading scientists from around the globe collaborate to transform the world of stem cell medicine

Understanding stem cells and how they can be used

A stem cell can renew itself and generate other cell types. We all rely on stem cells to exist and to survive. Understanding stem cells and their potential has long been of interest to researchers across the globe. Stem cell medicine refers to the application of that understanding to accelerate the development of new therapies for people living with incurable diseases.

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Join us in delivering the next generation of effective and safe stem cell-based therapies. reNEW is situated in three places – Copenhagen, Leiden and Melbourne. But no matter where in the world you are, you can help us transform the future of stem cell medicine.

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Reprogrammed neurons may fool you!

Associate Professor Agnete Kirkeby, from reNEW Copenhagen, has published the paper Forced LMX1A expression induces dorsal neural fates and disrupts patterning of human embryonic stem cells into ventral midbrain dopaminergic neurons, in Stem Cell Reports.